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Dec 10, 2019

There's more of gravy than of grave in you

Show Notes:

We're revisiting a classic story with a classic adaptation. Mandi shouts at Scrooge, Matthew remembers a film he forgot, and we learn that there's still time for the miracle. God bless us, everyone. #PCDeprived

Dec 3, 2019

Not handsome enough to tempt me

Show Notes:

This week @laura_sberry returns with one of the great romantic stories, Pride & Prejudice. Love-hate for Mrs Bennett and Mr Collins, hate-hate for Lydia Bennett, and love-love for Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy. #PCDeprived

Nov 26, 2019

Show Notes:

It's Mandi Kaye's birthday week! So we're celebrating by watching the movie of her choice - Hello, Dolly!

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Nov 19, 2019

Show Notes:

This week we're joined by Connie Gibbs to talk about our most recent movie yet - See You Yesterday.

You can watch the film on Netflix!

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Nov 12, 2019

We need breathing room.

Show Notes:

We're joined by Jarrah Hodge from Women At Warp for one of the best Star Trek films, The Undiscovered Country. Shakespeare quotes, meta references, and problematic mind-melds are all discussed in depth. #PCDeprived